Joy of the Written Word

What are you waiting for? Fly right over the mess into a beautiful sky of thoughts that achieve your purpose.

I will help you clearly express your ideas and ensure the writing is grammatically correct so you look educated and knowledgeable.

I can help with your technical documents, marketing or entertaining pieces online, and even writing the text for PowerPoint slides. I can help with it all. For example, a few simple ideas for arranging a list on a PowerPoint slide are:

  • Use bullits if the list does not need to be in a specific order.  
  • Present concise ideas.                 
  • Keep the list to five or less items.                                                               

Use numbers if you want to show an order or have someone follow steps. People rarely like to read a lot of text on the screen. The eye does not want to read anymore than five items in a row. If you have more than five, separate them into groups of 3 and 4, for example. 

Enjoy the process of making your text say what you really need it to say. Get your ideas across professionally.  I can edit your writing or write text for you. You choose.

Enjoy a fun poster made by Connie De La Vergne:

poster by connie


About MJoyMeyer

I help people communicate clearly, express their ideas and make sure their writing is grammatically correct. I offer almost 20 years of experience with technical, marketing and newsletter material. Let me help you "MJoy" your writing.
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