Sitting on the Fence

It seems we are hiring a lot of workers from oversees, but not giving them the support to speak in our language. As a tutor, I am seeing far too many students in this situation. I work with those employed from other countries. They are here in the U.S. struggling to communicate. What is that all about – money of course? Pay less, get more.

Are we really getting more? Are we producing products, sales people, engineers, who are producing something that could be unsafe because of the language barrier. Are we selling a product that the customer thinks they know what they bought, and yet…

Not only do I feel sorry for the person brought to the U.S. who does not speak the language, I feel for what we as customers are purchasing.

Ah, you say – I cannot feel sorry for these people because they are getting the jobs from us. Yes, I agree. So, what is the answer?

I ask – should we pass laws that international workers only be brought in when they speak the language fluently. Should the company be forced to offer a language program before they can hire this person? We are the land of opportunity and where those from other countries are welcome to come (up to a certain number).

Just seems like an interesting problem we, as U.S. citizens, are not even aware of as we buy products and go about our work.

I’m “sitting on the fence” with this topic.

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Any Flying Car in My Neighborhood?

The Birdwatcher

Is it a Bird? Is it a Flying Car?

Have you ever wondered if there is a PC repair shop near you? Or, maybe you are looking for the perfect mattress. Then, again, you might find something very unique to buy, such as a neon light on your refrigerator that flashes “time to buy bread!” Whatever your need or want, you can check for it in your neighborhood through

This site is basically an online newspaper with lots of fun news about local businesses and events. It has a directory where you can search for businesses that are in your neighborhood. As a national company (owned by AOL.), it is popping up around the country.

Oh, sure, you could go to an on-line search engine. This site has the added value of pulling everything local together in one spot. And, the publishers have gone to the site for you, reporting what they saw. You can easily see what’s in your neighborhood and close enough to go and see it in person. There are some things that are just best touched and tried in person, such as clothing.  And, there is no mailing and return costs. You save on gas by not driving long distances.

(Disclaimer: The neon refrigerator sign might not be available locally.)

So, give it a whirl. Try I find it rather fun and useful.

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Meeting People

Well, after being introduced to and being very skeptical about meeting friends online who have similar interests, I have become a believer. I have joined two groups and I am impressed with the interesting activities and people that makeup these groups: There are walkers, boaters, dancers, readers, skydivers or whatever your interest.

And, there are also your great nonprofits to join. One of my favorites is Eastside Audubon Society, which offers fun and learning activities that support and protect birds and the environment in which birds and humans live. Please see Eastside Audubon Society under Recent Posts.

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Eastside Audubon Society


I love writing for this non-profit. Think Audubon is only about retired people in galoshes staring at birds in the middle of a marsh? Take a second look. This organization:

  • Protects and restores habitats for birds and wildlife.
  • Gives educational programs in schools.
  • Provides youth scholarships for children that cannot afford environmental summer camps.
  • Leads field trips, events, and classes. and performs bird research.
  • Non-birders enjoy their diverse monthly programs that offer talks from wildlife experts from local organizations and from around the world. They also offer native plant sales and nature walks.

Birdathon Annual Fundraiser - collect donations per species we spot= great fun

 Check out their site and my articles at:

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Habitat for Humanity

What an amazing experience! You can learn to make a house, one floor at a time. My daughter and I put bathroom foundations in to be used for tiling in single-family dwellings in north Washington. We mucked and nailed until we were exhausted. This is a wonderful organization to help homeless families.

I hope to be helping them soon with public relation articles.

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Joy of the Written Word

What are you waiting for? Fly right over the mess into a beautiful sky of thoughts that achieve your purpose.

I will help you clearly express your ideas and ensure the writing is grammatically correct so you look educated and knowledgeable.

I can help with your technical documents, marketing or entertaining pieces online, and even writing the text for PowerPoint slides. I can help with it all. For example, a few simple ideas for arranging a list on a PowerPoint slide are:

  • Use bullits if the list does not need to be in a specific order.  
  • Present concise ideas.                 
  • Keep the list to five or less items.                                                               

Use numbers if you want to show an order or have someone follow steps. People rarely like to read a lot of text on the screen. The eye does not want to read anymore than five items in a row. If you have more than five, separate them into groups of 3 and 4, for example. 

Enjoy the process of making your text say what you really need it to say. Get your ideas across professionally.  I can edit your writing or write text for you. You choose.

Enjoy a fun poster made by Connie De La Vergne:

poster by connie

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